Can the D.E. be cleaned from the cartridges ?

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Can the D.E. be cleaned from the cartridges ?

Postby smd11873 » Fri 29 May, 2009 08:50

I have a Hayward 4025 Cartridge filter that has 3 year old cartridge filters in it. I was told by our new pool guy that his worker added D.Earth to it by accident. These are Cartridge filters so they dont take earth. I have found a lot of mixed comments on Cartridge cleaning so I am not sure. Did the D.E. ruin the filters or render them uncleanable?

They claim to have cleaned them but when I pulled off the cartridge it had clumps of what appeared to be D.E.. Do I hold them accountable for the cartridges?

The company is now trying to sell us a sand filter because he says we will be cleaning the cartridges every couple of weeks.

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Can the D.E. be cleaned from the cartridges ?

Postby mr_clean » Sun 31 May, 2009 11:06

their full of it & just want to sell you a new filter. Sand filters are the last filter you should want to buy.
If I remember correct this is a four cartridge filter & works great.

The DE if in the filter for a short time should not have damaged the cartridges with the amount the guy added thing it was a DE filter.

You should only have to pull the cartridges 1-2 times a year depending on filter pressure. when cleaning spray them off good then let the cartridges soak in a filter cleaner for an hour then rinse good and put back in.

people who have 1 cartridge filters have the problems of having to always pull & clean them monthly as they are just to small for their pool. Do they work I guess so if they like cleaning the filter alot.

also some people do add DE powder to their cartridge filters but in a very small amount to help in most cases to clean their algae problem pool.

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