Water bubling up from skimmer, help

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Water bubling up from skimmer, help

Postby beachgrl » Fri 29 May, 2009 13:31

Ever since we opened the pool water has been shooting strait up from the skimmer basket (like a gyser) when you turn the filter/pump off. It's a 24ft round above ground w/a jacuzzi Laser sand filter and 11/2 hp pump. we tried changing the sand but that didnt do anything. someone told me there could be air in the line??? I was looking at the eyeball(the outside part) today and now am thinking air may be comming thruogh here and going into the filter?? is this possible?

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Water bubling up from skimmer, help

Postby Me... » Sat 30 May, 2009 10:00

First guess is its plumbed backwards.

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