Rubber Solar Ground mats?

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Rubber Solar Ground mats?

Postby Beerman » Fri 02 Jun, 2006 10:46

Has anyone bought these before? Do they actually work? I have a 27" round pool that I am looking to raise the tep a few degrees on. Pool gets full sun and I have a place for the matts to lay on.

Also has anyone ever constructed a solar heater like this: I was thinking of using 1/2" copper tubing and tacking it to a sheet of plywood using brackets. Stretching it out in long loops, up and down the board. Then spraypainting everything black and hooking up to my pump filter lines after my filter. Do you think something like this will work? And how many boards would I need to make it raise my water temp. I live in South eastern PA.

Thanks in advance for all your replys...


Postby JJ » Wed 07 Jun, 2006 10:50

Hey Beerman (nice name - throw me a cold one)

I was also thinking about those black mats, has anyone ever used them or are they a waste of money?

Also I like the idea of the DIY heater, please let us know if it works.... and how much of a temperature rise you get. Has anyone else ever made a DIY heater like this.


Postby Guest » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 18:57

I have 20x4 for a 18 foot round pool - and it does work fairly well - about 6-8 degrees above the air temperature. You can actually feel the warm water coming out of the return. Search the Web for prices.

For the DYI person - I saw some DIY pictures (can't remember where) - and black PCV tubing is what they used - and the price of copper these days is also another reason. There is some formula based on the surface area of the pool vrs surface area of tubing to be effective.

Make sure you drain them properly in the winter -

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