Aquavac or Aquabot ?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Aquavac or Aquabot ?

Postby by-tor47 » Sat 30 May, 2009 04:39


I am interested in buying a Aquavac Tiger Shark or one from the Aquabot range.

Pool is a concrete in ground with a pvc liner, size is 20 x 40ft, Chlorine.

My query is that i am limited as to when the cleaner can be used. I currently have a zodiac super G+ suction cleaner which i put into the pool at 22.00 hrs and take out at approx. 08.00.

I will have to do the same with the new cleaner. I am wondering if this will be ok, as i noticed in certain user manuals a comment saying
not to let the cleaner cool down in the pool after use
. In my case i have no option but to let the unit cool down.

The reason for the cleaning at night is that the pool will be in use from 08:00 to 22:00 by people who rent the property.

Does anyone leave their unit in the pool to cool down, or is it imperative that it is removed a short time after the cleaning cycle is finished.

thanks in advance for any constructive opinion.


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