polaris fixture replacement

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polaris fixture replacement

Postby Bill » Sat 28 May, 2005 10:31

The fixture that attaches the polaris hose to the side of my pool has broken. This is the piece that screws into the port that the water flows through from the pump to "fuel" the polaris. I have tried several several different methods of unscrewing it, including wrenches and an expansion tool that fits inside and should allow one to then unsrew it using outward pressure, but to no avail. Can anyone give me some pointers? All would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

Pool Help

Polaris adaptor problem

Postby Pool Help » Sun 19 Feb, 2006 08:28

Using a hacksaw blade, cut through the adaptor "tube" in 4 places. Take care not to damage the thread of the pool fitting.

Using a screwdriver, gently hammer one section towards the centre. The section should shear off. The other sections come out more easily than the first one.

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