Aquarite high salt reading

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Aquarite high salt reading

Postby melnick555 » Mon 01 Jun, 2009 17:02

I recently bought this house qith an Aqua Rite system on a spa. Chlorinator didn't work (no flow) and after replacing the cell and flow switch it was ok for about two weeks. Salt reading on control panel then dropped to 2400 and low salt and inspect cell light came on. Pool guy dumped in a bunch of salt and now the display shows 5000 for salt and I tested it at Leslies and they said it was 8000. I know that I need to dilute the spa to bring the salt into spec but I was wondering why the difference in readings at the present time between the display and the water testing. Since the display is reading lower could my 'low salt' reading have been in error due to a problem in the cell (as the Leslie people state) or is the very high salt level causing the display to give a bad reading (Goldline people's opinion).

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