Major cloudiness problem

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Major cloudiness problem

Postby aarondavis » Mon 01 Jun, 2009 17:10

Problem: My wife and bought a 13'x42" Intex metal frame pool. The first day we filled it was fine, we added CYA while filling and after wards shocked the pool, and were able to swim once, later that day we went out to check the pool and it was milky/cloudy. I believe it has to do with my TA and Hardness from my fill water, I used my pool test kit and tested my tap water and its coming out crazy high just like the pool, TA 300 and CH of around 500. I don't have access to any other way to fill the pool, what can I do? I am currently using Dry acid and lowing the pH to around 7.2 then aerating to raise the pH but its not exactly raising very quickly, probably due to the high TA. All my tests so far are with a cheap HTH 6-way test kit, I'll order one of the nice ones soon. Nevertheless, any help would be appreciated. My wife and I have already put alot into this thing and just want to swim. Thanks for your help.

FC: Not Sure (Only have access to OTO test right now)
TC: 3
pH: 7.2 (aerating now)
TA: 320
CH: 500
CYA: 20

My pool: 13'x42" Intex metal frame vinyl pool (approx 2800 gallon)
Pool chemicals: Initially used chlorinating granules, but switched to bleach for the last chlorine addition, using dry acid (HTH pH Minus)
My pump & filter: 1000gph Intex

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