Opinion/assessment of soon to be built pool

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Opinion/assessment of soon to be built pool

Postby Me... » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 16:52

Sounds like it will be plenty. Now just make sure your plumbing can handle all that flow. No use having big pumps and filters if you only use 1.5" line. In fact with that equipment I would think 2" is too small.

Realisticly .........

1.5" good to 50gpm on the outside.

2" good to around 80gpm

2.5" pushing it at 125gpm

3" is maybe for 200gpm tops.

I think your system is capable of more than 125gpm. Which is overkill for 17k gallons. Commercial Leisure pools are built to maybe 2 hour turnover and so will your be. Even then its only maybe .5gpm per sq.ft. of cartridge area which is great.

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