One-time draining of bromine-treated spa into chlorine-pool

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I'm new here
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One-time draining of bromine-treated spa into chlorine-pool

Postby AlanM » Tue 02 Jun, 2009 11:15


I need to drain my spa so that I can move it several feet to a new location. In order to not waste the water, I was going to pump the spa water into my nearby pool.

The pool is treated with chlorine and the spa is treated with bromine. Both have recently been serviced, so the levels of each chemical are relatively high.

Should I be concerned about the effects of adding the bromine-treated water from the spa to the chlorine-treated water in the pool?

If so, is there any way to address it? The spa is always covered, and I know I could open it up to expose the bromine to UV, but I don't want to waste the electricity (which would be necessary to keep the open spa heated) nor do I want to go several days without using the spa.

Thanks... alan

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One-time draining of bromine-treated spa into chlorine-pool

Postby Me... » Wed 03 Jun, 2009 08:33

Shouldn't really have too much of an effect at all. Bromine needs to be oxidized to activate it. Chlorine is an oxidizer and is in fact the most common "part 2" of a bromine system. It is also part of the bromine puck make up. Another method used is to put "part 1" in the water and use Ozone to oxidize or activate it.

Combined Bromine is oxidized to free it up and turn it back into "free" Bromine whereas Combined Chlorine is oxidized to just get rid of it.

Pretty simplistic explanation and that little bit of Bromine from your spa going into your pool should disappear soon with no issues.

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