Drop in performance for Letro Legend Pool Sweep

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Drop in performance for Letro Legend Pool Sweep

Postby iracema1 » Tue 02 Jun, 2009 13:37

Hi Everyone:
GREAT to find this list! I have used a Letro Legend pool sweep for the past five years, and it has always worked well. Within the past 3 months its performance has got a bit "sluggish" and it takes longer to clean the pool. Letro/Pentair says that for proper functioning it should be running at about 18-24 RPM (front-wheel drive), and it is doing only about 14 RPM right now, which indicates low water pressure. I have done the troubleshooting from the owner's manual and I have checked all the filters between its booster pump and the device itself, everything seems good. What wouild be your ideas for this drop in performance?
Thanks in advance as I welcome any and all ideas!
Andy Smith

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