Technical question!!!! Please help!!!

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Technical question!!!! Please help!!!

Postby momoffour » Wed 03 Jun, 2009 23:10

I have a few technical questions about the reagents. I am just starting to understand all of the testing and adding to my hth wal-mart kit. I just want to buy the taylor reagents from Leslie's and not have to buy more kits. So.......

First-----I know the R-0014 (Ph indicator solution) contains Cl neutralizer (thiosulfate) but does the Phenol Red or Alkalinity Indicator from HTH?

Second-----Using taylor reagents (based on Leslie's water analysis form) for testing total alkalinity you use 2 drops R-0007 and then 5 drops R-0008 then use R-0009 dropwise. I have a few questions here. Obviously the Alk ind. from taylor does not contain the neut. or no need for R-0007 but is this the same indicator as hth. You use the same amount of drops and both tests go from green to red so it seems they both use bromocrestol green and methyl orange. The Titrant R-0009 and hth seem to be the same but are they both sulfuric acid .12N? Does the taylor test use a 25 ml. sample?

Third-----the kit contains total hardness and not calcium hardness so obviously I need to get R-0010 (Calcium Buffer) and R-0011L (Calcium Indicator) but it seems the titrant is the same for both (EDTA). Can I keep and use the hth titrant to use with the taylor reagents listed above? Are they interchangeable? Will it still be 25 ml sample?

Last-----I know I really don't need to do the Total Hardness test but I want to understand it anyway. The hth hardness test only has two reagents (Hardness Indicator and Hardness titrant) vs. taylor that seems to have three; hardness buffer (5 drops), hardness indicator( 1 scoop), and the EDTA titrant. I would guess the hth hardness indicator must contain both the ammonium buffer and Eriochrome Black T indicator or Colmagite. The contents say Isopropanol 23% and Triethanolamine 77%. I don't see the indicator listed and from what I understand the alcohol is a preservative and the amine could be the ammonium buffer. Does this test seem to be missing something? It seems strange to only add 5 drops of the solution (Hardness indicator) when there is only one reagent instead of two unless the concentrations are high. I am of course assuming both reagent manufacturers use the same titrant (EDTA) at the same concentrations.

Please help me to understand!!!!!


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