Slightly green/turquoise, cloudy water

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Slightly green/turquoise, cloudy water

Postby StillerGirl » Thu 04 Jun, 2009 09:22

This year when I took the cover off of my pool, the water was nice & clear & my surprise!. I started up the filter, shocked, vacuumed, skimmed & balanced. Now, I've noticed, a couple of days later, that my water is a little cloudy and has a slight green/turquoise look to it. I can see the bottom, but it's just not right. I checked all of my levels, they're fine. Added clarifier, didn't work. Backwashed filter, didn't work. Now my filter issn't sucking and blowing very good. Checked all of the pipes, fittings, etc. No leaks. Any ideas on what to do next?

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Slightly green/turquoise, cloudy water

Postby Me... » Thu 04 Jun, 2009 10:00

Heres another one of my probably over simplified explanations. This won't really explain the color tinge tho, thats probably an oxidized metal or mineral.

There are positive charges and negative charges at work everywhere, even in your pool, and we know they attract to each other as magnets do. When Ozone destroys organics, they become charged. A lot of clarifiers are charged. There may be other factors that put charges in particles in the water.

All the minute charged particles on your pool bond together and form what is referred to as "molecular chains". Basically just bigger particles the filter can now take out. When they form you might get a cloudy appearance until the filter system can remove them. When you shock or oxidize these chains it breaks the bond and they all break up again. So when they start reforming you might get a cloudy appearance in a couple days and it will last until the filter takes them out.

Another reason to hold off on your shock treatment for a couple of days if its just for cloudy water if everything else seems to be right.

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