Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby boops725 » Sun 08 Jul, 2012 14:17

So, I had the same problem with iron in my water and the water being a horrible yellow/brown color. I called a friend of mine who used to work at a pool store. His recommendation was that you could by and iron out product at any pol store, but that coke worked just as well if not better! I dumped a 12oz bottle of coke in the pool last night (and felt ridiculous doing so) and this morning our pool is crystal clear and the filter is nasty black/brown. We changed the filter and put in a new one and it looks great. Worth a shot right? Good luck


Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby carolj » Sun 08 Jul, 2012 21:18

You're serious about using a can of coke? Where did you find this idea, and if it works, why aren't we all doing this?

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby Poolwiz » Wed 25 Jul, 2012 08:43

So I bought one of those intex 16' pools last year and spent the entire (and I do mean entire) summer trying to get the brown nasty color to go away. After hundreds of dollars, countless visits to my pool store and hours scouring the internet I found the solution. We have a horrible amount of iron in our well water and when we filled the pool last year it was a nasty brownish green right from the start, you couldn't even see the bottom. The pool store gave me all kinds of chemicals to add to try and get the brown out but nothing worked. Even the metal out that made all the iron clump together and sink to the bottom didn't help because those crappy vacuums you get with the intex pools are not able to get small debris that just flows through the mesh net. The intex filters are also not made for filtering iron out of the water and you want to make sure that while you're doing this method you clean your filter ( I just spray it out with the hose). What I did that finally worked (at the end of August, mind you, so no swimming all summer just battling the water) was take an empty milk jug stuff it with quilt batting (as much as I could get in there) poke a bunch of holes in the jug from about half way down to the bottom and attached it to the return hose to the pool. The top of the jug fits perfectly inside the hose and I just secured it with a metal zip tie that I can tighten with a screw driver. It took about three days and three milk jugs, and my pool was perfectly clear. You could see a difference after the first jug, I could actually see the bottom and the jug was full of rust colored stuffing and by the second jug my pool was swimmable. This year when we filled the pool I added the chlorine tabs to the filter and attached my milk jug right away (the jug justs float in the water in the pool and my son thinks it's a fountain because the water sprays out from the holes) and again three jugs later and just a few days I have crystal clear blue sparkling water. All I have needed to add since then is the chlorine tabs to the filter and my pool has stayed beautiful. It cost me three days and about ten bucks for the bag of quilt batting and metal tie. I recommend this to anyone who has been suffering from the cost and time of dumping chemicals into your pool.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby thearaner » Tue 31 Jul, 2012 16:15

I have been reading some of the suggestions for getting rid of that brown iron out of vinyl pools like the one I have which is an Intex 3700 gallon above ground pool. The very day I put water in it out of my well it turned an iron color. One of your guest suggestions was to take the pool outlet hose and hook it up to a plastic used plastic 1 gallon milk jug that you fill with quilting batting and let it run overnight. I decided to try it since nothing had worked since last years fiasco. It was worked. I changed the batting in the jug 3 nights in a row and the water is clear as a bell. Apparently the chlorine shock treatment will activate the iron out of the well water and bingo, it's brown. The myriad of chemicals are just a rip off and not necessary. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and quite frankly still can't believe the dang thing worked. I also saw where someone suggestion a 12oz can of COKE in the water. Just to be on the safe side I did this as well but am convinced that the milk jug was the winning trick. Give it a try and breathe a sigh of relief when you see it the next morning. Keep cleaning the lousy filter that accompanies the pool though as it does help a little.


Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby Huskerdee » Wed 22 May, 2013 15:38

We have had a pool for 10 years and finally found the trick. I do not like all the metal free chemicals as it always seemed I still had yellow water when shocked. When you chlorinate or shock it oxidizes the metals and they fall out of suspension. Then they are large enough to filter out. It takes a while depending on gallons of water and filter used. We have 15000 gallons of water and with a cartridge filter it took 2 weeks and lots of money spent in filters. The sand filter worked better taking about one week and backwasking the metals out. This year we got a DE filter and it is all it is said to be! Only took a day and a half and we went from brown to crystal clear.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby Chad2358 » Sat 01 Jun, 2013 00:52

I used a milk jug packed tight with quilt batting and poked some holes in the bottom. Connected the return hose from the filter to the jug and propped it up on the ladder. I bought a jug of iron out at Walmart and used about 1/2 a bottle and literally in about 3 or 4 hours the water was crystal clear. Amazing solution for under 20 bucks! Thanks for the suggestion.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby Vhiers » Sun 23 Jun, 2013 16:37

I had know how to get rid of brown pool water finally and it is a cheep to go to a store a buy 1 bottle of The Works toilet cleaner and put half it in the water and run filter the next day go out it should be light brown make sure you clean the filter and add corline tablets in skimmer it will take about 3 days and it should be clear blue but make sure you clean filter at least 2 times a day and it works. My water was a dark brown after I shock it did the method above for three days and now it is clear blue
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Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby candybar » Mon 24 Jun, 2013 07:59

Hi Help Me! Brown Water from IRON~ I want to THANK YOU for your suggestion!! I basically did what you said and it worked. We use our well water to fill our pool and the same thing happened to me!! Last year was our first year with the pool and I never got the water crystal clear!!! VERY FRUSTRATING So after a lot of research I found your suggestion this year and it worked. The only thing different I did was I took pillow filler and wrapped the filter for the pump. I was able to put the filter with the filler wrapped around it, into the pump. It took 3 days and the water was crystal clear. Every time I took the pillow filler out of the pump it was filled with the iron. THANK YOU and my kids THANK YOU

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby RobinH » Wed 03 Jul, 2013 18:44

The socks worked! Thank you for the great idea! I put 3 tube socks inside each other, tied them on the end of the hose, and put them on the top step of the ladder - the water went thru the socks, and down the step into the pool. The socks turned brown.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby marac » Tue 30 Jul, 2013 18:45

I have well water that is very high in iron. To give you an idea of how bad it is when I filled my pool it was at 3.6%. Those of you with high counts know how difficult my job was and I can proudly say I am at 0% today. I wanted to share what I have learned along the way and what end the end worked for me. My pool is 15x 30, 15,000 gallons. I have had both a sand filter and a cartridge filter, sand does a better job at removing metals. Most metal removing products will only lower you by .5-1% per jug so if your count is over .5% might as well toss in 2 jugs and let filter run non stop. If you have a sand filter do not backwash, I know you will read over and over to backwash often but the sand filter does work more effectively if you don't until the pressure is built up because the stuff it is collecting is helping filter the smaller partials out. A cartridge filter clogs so yes it will need to be rinsed daily, me I did 2x a day and what a pain that was, still say the sand filter was my best investment. Keep in mind with a high count there is no overnight fix so it may take a couple of applications of chemicals to get it all out. Real important, do not add chlorine even if you start growing algae resist the urge. The chlorine reduces the effectiveness of the metal removing products. Do raise your ph level to 7.4%, it will make your pool turn color but the metal chemicals work better at that level. Shocking the pool will not make the metal drop to the bottom, that is a myth. I ran my filter 24-7 till it was out but 1/2 the time I put my pool vacuum in so that it filters from the bottom as well. I purchased a pleated filter cartridge that is designed for a whole house filtration system and wedged it in the skimmer, so the water has to pass that before it reaches the sand filter. ... r/21609431 It does seem to me more effective than the ones made for pools. Now the 2nd part of the problem, replacing water during this process without putting more metal back into the pool. I purchased a filter made for camping to put on the end of my hose. Walmart carries a filter that goes between the water source and a camper. Do not attach the hose end that comes with it as the spring will rust and leach more metal back into the pool. I wedge that between the pleated filter and the skimmer so all the new water is being filtered as it goes into the pool. ... e/14504321 I put 2 inches of water in my pool today and got it tested, still at 0% iron and 0% copper.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby FREE INFO » Wed 07 Aug, 2013 09:55

Invest in a better filter DE or cartridge and you will not have to go do this sort of thing anymore. Sand filters are the worst and take forever to fix a pool.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby Guest » Fri 20 Jun, 2014 22:18

I use iron out in my pool and it's works great! It's not real cheap but you can get it at wal-mart.

Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby maggiemouse2 » Tue 08 Jul, 2014 20:13

This is our 2nd year of having a 15'ft wide x 4'ft deep Summer Escapes Pool. We live out in the country almost, but we have well water. Last year we filled the pool, and it turned green then brown from the chlorine. We then drained it and refilled it and tried the sock and towel concoction. It worked okay last year.

This is our 2nd year of having an above ground Summer Escapes pool. Again we filled it, and put 3 HTH chlorine tabs in the filter basket, and then went and spent money on a water test, only to be duped into buying a stabilizer from a pool store, and since our water was crystal clear after just filling it, the pool we went home, added the stabilizer, and after about an hour the pool was Green! We went back to the pool store, tested the water, and then was duped into BUYING a gallon jug of Swim Shock, and was told to dump the whole jug into the pool. By the end of the day yesterday (7/7/14), the water went from green, to Lake brown! So back to draining All the water and starting over!

Today, (7/8/14), we woke up to Green water again after having refilled the pool for a 2nd time! So rather than draining and starting over, and not wanting the well to run dry, we researched and found the Super Iron Out. All we did was use about 1 teaspoon and added it to the pool directly, then added about 2 teaspoons to the filter basket, and and used the sock thing, and added polyfill batting inside the sock, with a teaspoon of the iron out. By this afternoon our pool went from Green-Brown with floating Algae (I had added the HTH algae before I found iron out), to Crystal Clear Water. I still have not added chlorine as of yet, maybe I will add some granules, in a few days, but will continue the iron out every now and then to keep our water clear.

Can't wait for next year!

Re: Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby ZOMBIE » Mon 23 May, 2016 10:09

Get a bucket drill some small holes in the bottom. Stuff and old pillow stuffing(poly fill) in it.
Drill hole in the lid to connect the out flow from your pool pump.( old vacuum plastic wand will help). Connect the hose to the wand and shove the wand into the hole on the lid.
Run the pump until it turns crystal clear. It doesn't matter if the lid leaks a little.

Go to you tube some guy can show you how to make it.

Worked for my pool and it was real simple..... no chemicals needed :thumbup:
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Re: Help ME! Brown Water from IRON~

Postby agar » Sat 11 Jun, 2016 10:14

I have fought with well water turning green to dark brown after chlorination & shocking, MY CASE WAS EXTREME. This year i have finally conquered the beast! (After several years of beating my head against a wall, battling with homemade filters & refusing to use the harsh chemicals that were NEVER designed for swimming etc). Studied up & made a decision to get a sand filter since there are now smaller affordable models. (110$ at Walmart for an Intex 2100 Sand Filter & I DID NOT get the salt system to accompany it) It was the perfect size for my 4,000 gallon pool /9x18' rectangular (since it cycles the water twice within a 6-8 hour span). Filled it and started treating it with chlorine immediately and it turned colors as always... so i just let the pump run for the day & night and within 18 hours the pool was crystal clear! When i backwashed in white buckets to see the residue, it pumped out and estimated 20-30 gallons of opaque coffee looking brown water!

Even when topping it off now with well water every 2 weeks it might turn a light shade of yellow for a couple of hours, but it soon clears up when I let the pump go to work! Brown well water is a summer buzz kill & Just wanted to share my story & Bask in the Victory, Hope it helps you too!

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