2" Plumbing and 1 1/2" Pump intake?

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2" Plumbing and 1 1/2" Pump intake?

Postby Bobssurfin » Thu 04 Jun, 2009 14:18

My inground pool is being renovated soon and the contractor is re-plumbing all lines with 2" PVC (2 skimmers, 2 mains, 2 returns). Also being installed is a new Hayward DE Filter model: DE3620 with 2" fittings and multi-port valve, also an AquaComfort Signature Series Heat Pump model: 1250, and Aquarite SWG. The pool is 16'x36' vinyl about 22K-25K gals. The equipment will be located about 20 feet from deep end of pool.
I was initially intending to keep my existing 8 yr old 1 HP Hayward SuperPump with 1 1/2" intake and outflow fitting to filter tank. Will this hinder the performance/efficiency of the flow capability? I'm considering a new 2 speed 1 1/2 HP pump with 2" intake/outflow, but not sure if it would be needed, except for maybe lowering my electric bill. Any experienced recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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2" Plumbing and 1 1/2" Pump intake?

Postby Me... » Fri 05 Jun, 2009 09:00

Limiting factor here is the 2 returns. 20 maybe 30 gpm each. Trying to pump a huge volume of water through 2 returns is not going to be efficient no matter what you do. 2" plumbing should be used because 1.5" is only recommended up to about 45gpm. Now if you could get 2 more returns installed I could see a 1.5 hp pump running on low as long as the filter will take the flow.

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