Short filter cycles

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Short filter cycles

Postby StillerGirl » Fri 05 Jun, 2009 09:53

I have a 10,000 gal above ground pool with a DE "bump" filter and pump.

My filter & pump were working great when I opened my pool this year, but I came home yesterday to find my water not moving. Checked the was at about 25 psi, so I took it apart, cleaned all of the nasty gunk off of the cartridges, started the pump again, added DE (1lb) and had great water flow (about 8 psi). The jet was shooting all the way across the pool! A couple of hours later, I noticed the water wasn't moving again. The skimmer was hardly sucking and the jet was barely blowing. Checked the filter, the cartridges aren't gunky again. My water is clean, chemicals are balanced, no leaks or blockages. I regenerated the filter, that helped a little bit, but lost it in about an hour. Can't backwash with the bump filter. Any suggestions?!?

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