Dirty water in pump/filter all the time!

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Dirty water in pump/filter all the time!

Postby AE2000 » Sat 06 Jun, 2009 10:26

Hi, so I have an Intex above ground pool and I have the crap pump that came with it, and I've been battling off cloudy water now because off mustard algae but that's not the problem (that's under control), the problem is every hour I have to go out there and clean out my pump and the paper cartridge filter because it has dirty cloudy water in it that's kind of yellowish/brown and this is even when I just put in a brand new cartridge,so whats the deal with this,help? Thanks.

( also my levels in everything are fine at the moment and I've been brushing and vacuuming my pool off and on all week and my pump is on 24/7,so I just don't get it!)

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