Easiest auto cleaner to self repair

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Easiest auto cleaner to self repair

Postby streamer1 » Sat 06 Jun, 2009 13:21

We have had a Great White pool cleaner for several years, and have been quite happy with it. However, once a year we have to have many parts replaced and it is quite expensive.

I would like to find a automatic pool cleaner/scrubber that works well, but one that I can just buy the replacement parts and repair myself.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Easiest auto cleaner to self repair

Postby mr_clean » Sat 06 Jun, 2009 15:46

Poolvergnuegen 2-wheel cleaner

very easy to maintain & can not get stuck on any shaped pool.
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Easiest auto cleaner to self repair

Postby streamer » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 15:16

Can I replace worn parts myself?

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