High Pressure DE

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High Pressure DE

Postby Wolf » Wed 03 Apr, 2013 17:01

To back up Czechmate, I had a serious Algae issue in my pool, got it tested and results showed my CYA at 100 and my FC at 0. So CYA does nothing but keep Chlorine in the pool longer. also, I am having the same issue with my filter getting high pressure after a short run period. I guess I will just have to keep taking the grid out and spraying that shit out. or run it with it out to test that.

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High Pressure DE

Postby czechmate » Sun 07 Apr, 2013 08:54

Pool chemistry is not a rocket science, but it is still part of a chemistry science. So until you fully understand it, oversimplifying the individual roles of a pool chemical will cost you money. Sometimes it can be a great deal of money. That is why understanding what major chemicals keep your CSI in acceptable levels is so important. PH,CH, FC,CYA play ALL very important role.
( Do not underestimate the role of water temperature either. What is OK in the winter, may become dangerous in the summer).
Look it up in POOL CALCULATOR website and learn it. As it will slowly become a routine, it will become much easier to maintain not only your water, but give you a piece of mind in preserving your investment.
pete vanderhoof

High Pressure DE

Postby pete vanderhoof » Sat 01 Jun, 2013 11:20

What if you remove the filter and use skimmer socks to catch and filter at the skimmer. It seems as this may be a faster solution to the issue (rather than back washing so frequently and loosing water and filling).
Any comments would be welcomed. Thanks.

High Pressure DE

Postby Vic » Wed 26 Jun, 2013 13:33

I continue to have the same high pressure issue. I have followed all the above steps including taking out the filter elements and cleaning them. This is the first time this year with this particular issue.

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