In ground pool leaks after vinyl liner replaced

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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In ground pool leaks after vinyl liner replaced

Postby beks3d » Sun 07 Jun, 2009 20:23

We have a 16x32 in ground pool. We recently had the liner replaced as it was falling in. There was no concrete work done, although there probably should have been. The pool was NOT leaking prior to the replacement.

We filled the pool halfway up the skimmer and watched it drop to just below the skimmer in about 48 hours (~5 inch drop). We filled it back to the same level and plugged both holes in the bottom of the skimmer and both returns. The pool was isolated with the exception of the center bottom drain. It dropped to the same level, just below the skimmer. The water that was left in the skimmer was a bit higher than the pool, maybe an 1/8”-1/4”. When it was leaking I noticed the concrete on one side of the skimmer lid was cold, while the entire rest of the deck was hot. All of it was in direct sunlight. I figured the leak must be leaving the pool there. I also noticed there was one screw in the skimmer face plate that was loose. It would not tighten down. All the others seemed fine. The loose screw was in a bottom corner, on the same side as the cold concrete.

I have heard that it is not a good idea to remove the face plate as the vinyl may move or shrink and be hard to get back in place. Is that true? I have also read about skimmer replacements and their high cost (concrete work, etc.) I am wondering if anybody has an opinion about the location of the leak and how I might proceed with a repair, short of all the (expensive!) concrete work. Epoxy?, sealant?, gasket?, hardware to fix the loose screw? Anything else? Thanks so much for your help. I really do appreciate anything you folks may suggest.


vinyl boy

In ground pool leaks after vinyl liner replaced

Postby vinyl boy » Sat 04 Jul, 2009 09:16

I think you found the leak but not a easy fix. The skimmer brand is probably jacuzzie which would mean lowering the water, removing faceplate, drilling out and installing a plug into the bad screw hole then re installing the skimmer faceplate and gasket. if you payed for a liner instal I would sugest going after them. Every screw needs to be tight. If the skimmer isn't jacuzzie you may be able to get away with an oversized screw just make sure it is stainless.

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