Switch to liquid chlorine from pucks

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Switch to liquid chlorine from pucks

Postby rockon » Sun 07 Jun, 2009 20:30

I have an inground 18x36 22,000gal. oval with vynal liner and sand filter.
I use the 3"slow dissolving pucks thru skimmer, no auto chlorinator. Just by reading
the posts it appears liquid chlorine is safer and economical to use. I'm
not sure if the pool size is too big to make the switch. I do have trouble
in the hotter weather (July and August in Western New York) with algae
and cloudy water. What do you think????

chem geek
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Pool Industry Leader
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Switch to liquid chlorine from pucks

Postby chem geek » Sun 07 Jun, 2009 20:40

It's a tradeoff between cost and convenience. You can use pucks and not get algae if you use a supplemental algaecide (PolyQuat 60 weekly) or a phosphate remover. If you use chlorinating liquid or bleach it is less expensive overall when accounting for the pH Up you will no longer need to use, but you'll have to add it every day or two unless you have a pool cover and even then will probably need to add it around twice a week. Chlorinating liquid and bleach are also less dense forms of chlorine so are heavier to carry.

As for the 3" pucks in the skimmer, make sure the pump is on 24/7 if you do this unless you are using BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks. Otherwise, the very acidic Trichlor can damage your vinyl near the skimmer and could harm your equipment as well (pump seals) with the blast of acid that builds up.

You can use The Pool Calculator to figure out dosing so can estimate how much chlorine you would need for each type.

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