Pool Problem.... PLease help

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Pool Problem.... PLease help

Postby mikeman112489 » Sun 29 May, 2005 07:09

Me entire pool is clean and i went to the store to test the water they said everything is low and gave me buckets of chemicals to increase the ph chlorine and alkalaine... However when i pour any chemical in the pool instead of dissolving throughout the water like is usually does it makes a film on the top of the pool... I kno its not the chemical because i tried shock that i had used with no problems last week and this week it is floating on the top... id appreciate any help because it is becoming very frustrating


Postby Guest » Fri 03 Jun, 2005 13:37


Is your water above the skimmers? Are your returns going and skimmers working properly? I know when the water is above my skimmers, nothing will move around and stay on top.

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