I Need Help With Set Up of Pump/filter

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I Need Help With Set Up of Pump/filter

Postby sammygoldendog » Sun 07 Jun, 2009 21:16

Hi there - I'm not new at pools but I recently got a new pump/filter and we got it set up and I think it needs primed but which hose goes where. The books don't really tell me anything. My ex-husband did all the work and I'm totally lost. Tonight the water isn't going thru the skimmer so I'm so lost and I could cry. I spent the whole day and nothing. I've been searching the internet tonight just for a picture that would show me which hose goes where and what. I got a hayward sand filter. I have a above ground pool. Any help would be great. I'm so lost.


I Need Help With Set Up of Pump/filter

Postby Recentsetup » Sun 26 Jul, 2009 16:19

hi. we literally just figured this out. the filter will have labels, but they were hard to read. usually the tube on the opposite side of the pressure pump is where the tube from the pump goes (the inlet). The tube to the right (when looking at it from the front) is usually where the tube to the return jet goes. This is how ours was set up, but if u can find the website, it may giv eyou a diagram. Ours did. Hope this helps!

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