Motor makes a buzzing sounds then goes off

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Motor makes a buzzing sounds then goes off

Postby amy51676 » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 08:34

I have a hayward super pump that makes a buzzing sound....?

i had the local pool company come out and they replaced my impeller a few weeks ago... then i come home one day and my pool isn't going. i go down to the pool housing and see that the motor is hot and not going. i turn it off and back on and it makes a buzzing then stops... nothing comes on. so i figure the motor has gone out.... i order a new motor and installed that.... and i get the same buzzing! ....and i did fill it up with water before starting it. Why is it making that same buzzing sound? everything has been replaced.... can anyone help? thanks so much! Any help or ideas are appreciated.

Additional Details
I had an electrician come out and test that everything was properly wired and checked breakers and that all voltage was coming through right. And it is all perfect. I dont know what else to check. Any help?

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Motor makes a buzzing sounds then goes off

Postby mr_clean » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 09:37

get a second opinion from an electrician, as when a 220 motor is trying to run at 110 it will only buzz.

look at your 220 breaker switches does one pop off?

ya just would seem to be it to me from info.

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