Need advice on new pump

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Need advice on new pump

Postby imann08 » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 15:43

My situation is that I have a 20k gallon pool that I don't use. I would like to continue to keep it clean though and need to get a new pump. I am looking at either the Whisperflo or the Intelliflo. I have seen many comparisons between an Intelliflo and an old single speed pump where the Intelliflo blows it away in efficiency. My question is if the Intelliflo is that much better than a 2speed Whisperflo pump that I would see the difference in efficiency savings or if the difference is so insignificant that it isn't worth the extra money for the Intelliflo pump?

My plan is to run the pump as low as I can to ciculate the 20k gallons once a day over the course of 16-20 hours and give it an official cleaning with the skimmer every 2 weeks or so. It's my impression that running it for a longer time at lower speeds also helps to keep the algea out of the pool to some extent.

I'm sort of clueless on this stuff so I'm sorry if I haven't given enough information. Try to keep it simple if possible. BTW, I live in SoCal so my cost per kwh is quite high comparatively speaking.

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Need advice on new pump

Postby Me... » Thu 11 Jun, 2009 10:08

Whisperflow would probably be your best bet. Many have jumped on the variable speed pump bandwagon and while this is good, is often will not apply to older pools. The idea is to plumb the pool for the big flow and only use the little flow. This allows the pump to run at low speed with almost no head loss (restriction). The older pools are going to have a set pipe size and the trick is to size the pump to existing plumbing. While an expensive Inteliflow is an awesome pump, it is probably very much overkill for your use.

2" plumbing hopefully? 1hp 2-speed Whisperflow. This will do about 90gpm that 2" plumbing will allow properly and you can have lots of flow when you need it. Running on low will do about half that, with very low resistance, and very cheap. Thats about 40gpm and much cheaper than a 1/2hp pump running full speed which would have the same flow.

If you have only 1.5" plumbing then having anything that will pump more than about 45gpm is going to be inefficient. Thats about the limit of 1.5" pipe. The 1hp pump running on low will still meet lots of resistance in the smaller pipe and won't be much better than the 1/2hp pump, if at all.

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