DE on pool bottom

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DE on pool bottom

Postby Michel15 » Tue 30 Oct, 2012 11:19

I was getting a lot of DE in the pool so I replaced the the entire filter element one piece. It's better but I still have DE settling into the pool. Should I rebuild the multi port with one of those kits....

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DE on pool bottom

Postby DYSPoolguy » Tue 06 Aug, 2013 08:51

Hayward DE 3620 filter. I was having problem finding it's way back to the pool. I went ahead and replaced the entire filter element inside the filter expecting the problem to stop. Unfortunately it hasn't. After reading a lot of the post, I am going to check for leaks. I have noticed that when the pump shuts off, DE comes out the floor skimmer and on start up, it comes out of the return lines, not a lot but enough to get on my nerves because I have to then clean it on a daily basis. When the pump shuts off, I do hear the gargling sound of water draining away from the filter. I have noticed that there are no check valves and if they are there, then I must not know what I am looking for. I knot that the seal on the lid of my Hayward chlorinator is not sealing properly. I will replace all the rubber O-rings and seals today to see if this will correct the problem. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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