Sense & Dispense Acid Injection

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Sense & Dispense Acid Injection

Postby Rick Sass » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 08:26

I'm going to be installing the sense & dispense system with a SWG. I will be using a Stenner pump/tank to inject muriatic acid. The acid will be diluted 4:1 with water. Goldline wants the acid injected after the SWG and I was wondering if there would be any negative effects if the acid injection was before the SWG and with that placement the acid would also be cleaning the electrolytic cell. Any thoughts on this?

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Sense & Dispense Acid Injection

Postby Me... » Thu 11 Jun, 2009 10:30

Yes. You never inject before equipment or you will shorten the equipment life. Plus acid and chlorine do not mix. Have a nice acid solution going through a chlorine cell might make for a nice explosion.

What is the Alkalinity of your fill water? If it is down around 10-20 ppm then I would recommend cutting the acid down to 10-1. If the Alkalinity is in the 150 range or so you would want to use a stronger solution to try and keep in knocked down some. How strong will depend on how much fill water is used.

Hopefully your Stenner system is close to the injection point. Peristaltics are nice pumps for short runs but long runs should have Diaphragm pumps and smaller tubing. The idea is to keep the velocity up in the tubing in order to keep it moving and prevent any crystallization forming which will plug lines and injectors.

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