Blue but cloudy water

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Blue but cloudy water

Postby melroe68 » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 14:11

We just put up a new above ground pool with a sand filter. A week or so after filling, we have cloudy water. The water tests fine, everything balanced. We do have sand on the bottom that we have been vacuuming up. We've tried floc and vacuuming, but still cloudy. Could the problem be just the sand or something else?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Blue but cloudy water

Postby soonerorlater » Thu 11 Jun, 2009 12:59

The sand in the pool would seem to indicate a broken part in the sand filter. Was the sand just dumped in there at installation? Sounds like you will have to empty the filter to inspect the parts.
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Blue but cloudy water

Postby Bjorn » Wed 17 Jun, 2009 16:42

It sounds as if your cloudy water needs a shock chlorination - have you tried it? :wink:

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