Problem with Sand Filter?

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Problem with Sand Filter?

Postby ozmand » Thu 11 Jun, 2009 10:18

I have had problems this year with cloudy water. I seem to get decent flow, but the system seems to strain a bit more this year than in past, and I have a harder time getting air out of the bleed-valve on top of the will run for minutes and then spit, instead of producing a stream of water like in years past.

I can't see the bottom, but I have a robotic pool cleaner I tossed into the pool and each time I pull it out after 15 minutes or so and it's full of sand.... obviously I have some sand in the bottom of the pool.

My problem is that my daughter likes to play with sand around the pool and I left some of the extra pool filter sand laying around....she dumped some in, so I am uncertain whether the sand is from her or from my filter.

In short, is there any other way to determine whether the sand filter is functioning? I seem to be getting decent flow, but maybe not as good as years past. Maybe I have a small break in the filter either the laterals or other connection inside?


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