White/Blue flakes in salt pool

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White/Blue flakes in salt pool

Postby matt.alpine » Thu 11 Jun, 2009 19:30

I have a fiberglass pool with a salt system and an auto cover. I am getting white and blue flakes that are settling on the bottom of the pool in front of the returns. The ph is 7.8, Alk. 180, Calcium 200, CYA 20, no copper or iron. The flakes seem to have a curve to them as if they are forming on the inside of the plumbing or possibly the heat exchanger. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


White/Blue flakes in salt pool

Postby robert.petersen » Sat 22 Aug, 2009 06:16

I am having the exact same issue, including the slight curve to the blue flakes. Did you ever get this resolved? I have not yet.

White/Blue flakes in salt pool

Postby Ethan » Wed 09 Sep, 2009 13:27

It is scale. Generally when you are seeing come out of the jets you have started to correct the problem. It starts to form in the pipes and on your salt cell because your TA is to high. Usually you see it come out when you have added acid. It means your chemistry is being corrected. When your water is right it can't "hang on" so it sarts to shed or "snow" into the pool. This is not always why scale happens. Your TA should be below 150. Correct that and I bet it will clear up quckly.
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White/Blue flakes in salt pool

Postby Aquaclear-NZ » Wed 16 Sep, 2009 02:41

it is scale - and also if its larger flakes can be from the salt cell as well. KEep your pH lower - 7.4 and drop your alk a little bit.

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