Pump Pressure running too high

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Pump Pressure running too high

Postby reneegang » Mon 15 Jun, 2009 08:41

I have a Hayward pump and filter. I replace d the pump last year and I've put all new gaskets on the pump and filter. I can get the pump to work but I can't get the pressure to run lower than 25 and I barely have any water pressure on the returns. I have no suction pressure in the skimmer so I am unable to vacuum without leaving the backwash valve open. Also I shouldn't be able to bump the pump down while it's running and you guessed it I can. I have taken the filter apart and put it back together. I am at a lose and I can't figure out what needs fixed. I need suggestions.

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Pump Pressure running too high

Postby Ray1031 » Mon 13 Jul, 2009 22:52

It has been a month since you posted this and no one has replied to you ... hopefully you have had someone take care of the problem for you before now ... but just in case:

Okay, this one is not really easy to diagnose with the information you have given. Too many variables - too many possibilities ... but you made two comments that put an idea in my head - something I have seen a few times. The comments:

"Hayward pump and filter", "Bump the filter" - and "New gaskets on both the pump and filter"

I assume from these comments that you have an EC series Hayward earth filter. That mushroom looking thing with the bump handle. I am also assuming that you replaced the primary "Boot" gasket on the filter plates and that you took the plates apart to insert the new "boot".

So here is what I think may have happened ... when you put the filter plates back together you failed to line them up properly. Failure to do so severely restricts the passage of water through the filter. When reassembling the EC series filter, there are two molded in arrows (one on each plate) that "must" both point in the same direction. for all of the openings to line up properly ... the problem here is that one of these arrows is usually hidden from easy view by the tops of the individual fingers in the bottom plate.

The check - and the fix ... To check for this, you must remove the top of the filter and "look" at the holes in the top plate. Every one should be perfectly centered above the openings in the fingers below. If they are not all centered, as they should be, then you need to take out all of the bolts holding the two plates together, and spin the top plate until every hole lines up with an opening below. Then reinstall and tighten the little bolts, re-assemble the filter and your water flow should be restored.

This only addresses one of a myriad possible causes ... but I hope it helps.

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