Green Water Problem

Algae problems in swimming pool water.
Green (cloudy) water or slimy pool walls.
Black algae. Mustard algae. Pink or white pool mold.
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My Pool: 18x 36, vinal inground,chlorine, Sand filter w/Nature2 express, 1 hp pump, 3/4hp non working booster pump
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Green Water Problem

Postby griffin90 » Mon 15 Jun, 2009 17:55

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Problem:Green Water

FC: 0.07
TC: 0.22
pH: 8.08
TA: 34
CH: 178
CYA: 9

My pool: 18x36 vinal, chlorine w/ nature2 express
Pool chemicals:Chlorine,Algicide
My pump & filter:Hayward 1 hp pump and Hayward sand filter
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Green Water Problem

Postby poolish » Tue 30 Jun, 2009 11:45

2 things cause the green water.
1st one is green algae problem and the 2nd one is copper.
Since, you have been used the algaecaide there is one reason that can be missing and it is copper.
I've checked your test results but there is no information about copper.
The copper level at the water has to be 0.
I would recommend you to test your water about copper and if you find out the copper level is more than 0 use stain magnet from glb. dont forget to follow the instructions from the label of the product. you need tou adjust your pH.
Take care

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