Baracuda G3 issues

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Baracuda G3 issues

Postby bertman911 » Tue 16 Jun, 2009 11:39

I just bought a new Baracuda G3 after getting fed up with my Navigator. After a day in the pool, the Baracuda has found the only spot in the pool where it can get stuck and not work itself out. It is on the transition from the pool bottom to the first step. It backs itself in with the remaining vacuum hose up on the large play step. I have let it there for upwards of an hour and it will not get out of there. I have adjusted the pressure for the G3, I have moved the weight on the hose from the back to the middle to the front, and it still just gets stuck there. I also do not have any returns that I could adjust in that area.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so what was the resolution to it? I am almost thinking that the way my step is curved (half oval) that unless the entire hose was under water to hit the steps as it backs closer, that it just may not work for me.

Thanks for all the help!

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Baracuda G3 issues

Postby AzWiz » Thu 02 Jul, 2009 23:21

I also bought a G3 after many years (and 2 pools) of using "thumper" (Kreepy) and have been thrilled by it's cleaning as well as quiet operation. My suggestion involves a little trial and error, but whatever works, I say.

1. try altering the total length of your vacuum line, this will alter the pattern
2. if you are using any weights on the vacuum line, try moving it from one section to another
3. make sure you use the vacuum gauge supplied to adjust suction pressure
4. Try a flotation device *

* this is my little trick. My wife uses these styrofoam dumbells to do aquatics exercise. Since they float, I figured I would see how putting one under the V.L. would affect the pattern. To my surprise I found that in the right position it helped the cleaner to get more areas and less missed spots. It also no longer got hung up at the foot of the steps.

Give these suggestions a try, and if all else fails, call Barracuda's support line.

Good Luck.


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