Jandy Aqualink RS Wireless stopped working

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Jandy Aqualink RS Wireless stopped working

Postby diggityDawg » Wed 17 Jun, 2009 16:47

We've got a Jandy Aqualink RS Wireless (not PDA, but older wireless) controller that came with the house when we bought it 2 yrs ago. A few months back the controller started rebooting itself constantly. I didn't know what was going on so I unplugged it (it was the winter anyways) and left it like that until last month. I plugged it in and now it comes on, but it just tells me the Firmware version and never gets to the menu. I've replaced the 9Volt battery in the main control panel but it didn't help. There are some instructions for changing the dip switches, but I'm not sure about that...

What I need to know is, does anyone repair these things? The pool supply company that sold it to the previous owners want $700 for a new one and claim it CANNOT be repaired. Now, I'm a computer programmer and from what I see, there should be a way to upgrade the firmware on this thing, which may fix it, but I can't find any info on that anywhere... We'd be happy to pay someone to fix it, but we can't afford to replace it at these prices... What are my options here?

Can anyone help me with some info?




Jandy Aqualink RS Wireless stopped working

Postby DannyG » Sat 12 Sep, 2009 11:53

I have the exact same issue. i am about to go out and buy a new battery pack for it for about $100. I sure hope it fixes the problem. It had been working fine so unless it blew out some circuit the firmware should work as before so i dont think a fw upgrade would help. either it is the power or the thing is blown.

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