Put in new pump now leak and filter loses prime

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Put in new pump now leak and filter loses prime

Postby lucaslaw » Wed 17 Jun, 2009 22:57

Installed a new 2hp pump and 5? way valve on 40 year old pool. Now when the pump is off the filter (Pentair DE 60) empties out, so I cannot run the pump off the timer but manually have to turn it on and open the air valve. the pool is also losing 1/2-1 inch of water a day pump on or off. No leaks apparent and its not running out the discharge. When start pump I open air valve on filter until water shoots out, then close it. At that point a lot of bubbles come out of jet nearest pump. I'm stumped. I know the new pump is much more effecient than the old one but they are the same hp. Should I try running it on slow speed? Other facts, the main drain is cemented closed, 2 skimmers work, attached hot tub works and hot tub air vent works. Heater doesn't appear to be leaking either. I think the air is coming from a leak somewhere that is allowing the filter to empty, but where? Could it be the hot tub air intake?



Put in new pump now leak and filter loses prime

Postby diven2pools » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 14:32

LL -

Sorry to hear about your pool problems. Here is a silly question. Have you checked all of the gaskets in the pump? Have you made sure that your filter valves are set for circulation and not on backwash?

A very quick way to make notice of a pipe leak would be to search through your yard (and sometimes neighbor's yards) for wet spots. Otherwise, since you just replaced the pump, I would really check the gasket again. I found a great website that is very informational about swimming pools. Although they seem to be mainly in business for large public types of pools they have a lot of great information about pools and equipment that can be applied.

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Put in new pump now leak and filter loses prime

Postby ChuckGeo » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 17:06

Assuming that the pump is located above the level of the pool, your observation that the pump empties when it is turned off indicates a leak above ground at the filter pad. Repair any visible water leaks at the filter pad, no matter how small, then turn off the pump and listen for an air hiss -indicating an air leak - fix!
Regarding you leak, the same loss on or off generally rules out the plumbing. I'd recommend a formal water loss test to help narrow down the location of the leak. Specifically, set the valves to stop all flow to & from the spa, all circulation to the pool, and mark the water level in both the pool & spa, run the pump for 24 hours then measure the loss, in inches, from both vessels. Next, set the valves for spa operation, no circulation in pool, mark the water levels and run the pump for 24 hours. Finally, measure the loss from both the pool & spa.
You will end up with: Pool on______________in.
Spa off______________in.
Pool off_____________in
Spa on______________in.
Post your results for analysis.
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