2 speed filter pump/motor

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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2 speed filter pump/motor

Postby db4156 » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 05:59

I am purchasing my fist 27' above ground pool. My neighbor, who has a pool, told me to get a 2 speed pump (low/high speed). They say that they run theirs 24/7 on low speed, which cost less money for electricity. Wondering if this is true. I am wondering if this is a good way to go - low for when I want to run longer (looking at "Aquacomfort" electric pool heater - they say run filter 24/7 in beginning of season to get pool water up to desired temp, then switch to 8 hrs a day) and the turn filter to high speed and run 8 hrs a day on high speed.

Any opinions/advise greatly appreciated - want to make the right purchase.

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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2 speed filter pump/motor

Postby Me... » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 10:24

2-speed pumps and variable speed pumps have the potential to save you a loy of money.


You need to design your system so that everything, which includes pipe sizes and filters, needs to be able to *properly* handle the high speed flow.


You need to ensure that whatever the flow is on low speed, is ok for your heater and that your safety switches are setup for it.

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