Need help with Intex saltwater system!

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My Pool: I have a 16x32x52 intex pool with a sand filter pump and a saltwater filter. I tested the TA level that was 240 plus and ph was 7.8 It is a new pool set-up and had not been used yet. What do I need to do to get it ready for swimming?
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Need help with Intex saltwater system!

Postby thumpercolt » Mon 08 Sep, 2014 11:50

NormBarrie wrote:I'd like to start a Facebook page regarding these products.. anyone interested?

Yes, I would be interested. My email is [email protected]

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My Pool: 15 x 24 above ground. Intex saltwater pump and sand filtration.

Re: Need help with Intex saltwater system!

Postby StevePool » Sat 18 Jun, 2016 20:42

I have a similar problem with my Intex saltwater system. Goes immediately to "90; low flow" no matter what I do. Someone suggested running it on "recirculation" and see it still shows low flow and doesn't run. I tried it, and yes it still shows low flow, doesn't run. I'm at a loss. And can't get any service visits at this busy time (metro west Boston area.)

Re: Need help with Intex saltwater system!

Postby wickedredone » Sun 13 Aug, 2017 12:22

i do love the saltwater system first year was great then middle of second year we have the service problem did all the normal matainance but nothing am trying jerries suggestion now as far as intex or intel goes they are horriable to deal with say they are in clfornia i think a little farther out

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