Need help with Intex saltwater system!

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My Pool: I have a 16x32x52 intex pool with a sand filter pump and a saltwater filter. I tested the TA level that was 240 plus and ph was 7.8 It is a new pool set-up and had not been used yet. What do I need to do to get it ready for swimming?
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Need help with Intex saltwater system!

Postby thumpercolt » Mon 08 Sep, 2014 11:50

NormBarrie wrote:I'd like to start a Facebook page regarding these products.. anyone interested?

Yes, I would be interested. My email is

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My Pool: 15 x 24 above ground. Intex saltwater pump and sand filtration.

Re: Need help with Intex saltwater system!

Postby StevePool » Sat 18 Jun, 2016 20:42

I have a similar problem with my Intex saltwater system. Goes immediately to "90; low flow" no matter what I do. Someone suggested running it on "recirculation" and see it still shows low flow and doesn't run. I tried it, and yes it still shows low flow, doesn't run. I'm at a loss. And can't get any service visits at this busy time (metro west Boston area.)

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