One brown spot (leaf stain?) on pebble-tec pool floor

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One brown spot (leaf stain?) on pebble-tec pool floor

Postby Sophie424 » Sat 20 Jun, 2009 14:33

I have a pebble-tech surface. One spot on the pool floor has developed a brown stain that will not brush off (approx 2" x 2").

Some time ago I had a leaf sit on that spot for more than 2 weeks -- due to a combined pump, pool, builder problem :-( -- and I strongly suspect that caused the stain.

Any suggestions what I might try to get the stain off?



One brown spot (leaf stain?) on pebble-tec pool floor

Postby unclejeffrey » Fri 04 Jun, 2010 08:12

muratic acid, they make a tool. long pole with a hose and suction cup on the end. the hose hooks to a bottle of muratic acid, and you manuvor the little cup in the desired spot. they is like and acid wash. just dont do it to long or you'll have a cleaner spot then the rest of the pool. maybe move it back and forth bigger then the little stain. :thumbup:

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