Need Help With Baby Oil

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Need Help With Baby Oil

Postby thedirtydewcrew » Sun 21 Jun, 2009 10:13

I had my daughters birthday party yesterday. I took a roll of plastic and made a slip and slid in the side yard. I used baby oil as a speed creator and a sliding helper. Well they would slid for awhile and then get in the pool. I know that I probally should had thought of this before hand. I had a brain fart. Well anyway this morning I wake up to a pool full of baby oil floating on top of the water. How do I clean this up? Any help would be awsome.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Need Help With Baby Oil

Postby vmaxchick » Mon 03 Aug, 2009 19:57

Hello, Did you ever get a answer with your pool problem with the baby oil? I now have that problem please help!!! Thank You

Need Help With Baby Oil

Postby LarryThePoolGuy » Tue 04 Aug, 2009 01:11

Here is a product that is a foam made for pools and hot tubs that absorbs oil. They're called Scumballs, but they are probably too expensive to use because you would need too many to cleanup a large spill. They are pretty small. They cost about $12.00 for two tennis-sized balls. If you could get a bunch of them, it would work quite well. You would just throw them on the water; let them soak up the oil then scoop them up with a deep net. ... 000003.cfm

Here is an enzyme product that helps neutralize the oil. It works well. ... ts/show/10

Here is a large oil absorbing foam pillow that might work at a reasonable price. ... learspill/

Here is a Cellulose DE substitute that you could throw on the water to absorb the oil and then scoop up the cellulose with a deep net.

Here is a product that can absorb 10 ounces of oil for $6.00.
Grease Blotter - 7-7/8 in diameter
Item #: Grease Blotter
Price : US$ 6.00 (includes shipping and handling within US)
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Pool Care Proficient
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Need Help With Baby Oil

Postby RMS1 » Mon 17 Aug, 2009 22:07

The above are very good answers. If you have a sand filter, you'll probably have oil trapped inside the sand. There a de-greaser you can get from your pool store. I take care of the YMCA pool, 80,000 gallon, and we use 1 qrt. per filter. One gallon is around $60.
Mike T

Need Help With Baby Oil

Postby Mike T » Sat 23 Aug, 2014 01:01

I found a solution but I guess it depends on how environmentally friendly you are.

We stored diesel oil in the same containers as the pool chemicals so I am sure you can work out what happened here.

We poured about a gallon of diesel in the pool and ended up with quite an impressive oil slick on top of the pool.

We have no close neighbors and all the surrounding land is ours and took a view that the oil originally came from the land and used a simple solution, we just filled the pool and let it overflow.

All the oil floating on top of the pool just floated away and left us with a nice clean pool.

I found this solution much better than all the mopping up suggestions.

Using chemicals was not an option for me, the oil slick was messy and inconvenient but not harmful by breaking it down using chemicals I had no idea if the end product could become harmful to skin and couldn't find the answer anywhere on the internet.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Need Help With Baby Oil

Postby bryanwalker » Mon 08 Feb, 2016 06:04

My wife knows well with the baby oil :)

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