Stabilizer Stain

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Stabilizer Stain

Postby mretglobal1 » Mon 22 Jun, 2009 20:42

I'm new to this forum seeking help to this question...

I've recently opened our inground vinyl lined pool for the season and had our maintanance person add Stabilizer (Cyanuric acid) that created a large whitish stain that has not gone away over the last 2 weeks. This product was dumped into the pool and not put through the skimmer but laid undisturbed for over 24 hours. Has anyone experienced anything like this and may be able to offer suggestions to remove the stain or is this a liability issue with the product's manufacturer or the seasonal pool person?


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Stabilizer Stain

Postby Swim Today » Sat 04 Jul, 2009 13:38

Stabilizer is an acidic chemical that should be predissolved before being added to the pool and the water should remain circulating till completely dissolved. Just like granular chlorine if left stagnant on the pool floor it will cause a stain as it dissolves. Granular cheimcals should also be broadcast across the pool surface and not added by being dumped in one spot or through the pool filter. Sad to say the stains are probably permanent. It has nothing to do with the product being defective.

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