Cloudy water with a PH that I can't get up!

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Cloudy water with a PH that I can't get up!

Postby WRTCAT » Tue 23 Jun, 2009 12:33

I'm having the hardest time with my cloudy pool. I can't even see the bottom and I've tried everything. My PH is at 6.3 and my alkalinity is low also. I keep adding Soda Ash but I can't get it up. I shocked it with a chlorine shock and turned my chlorinator on full and then checked it with a test strip. The test strip showed that my chlorine was high and within 24 hours the chlorine was at 0. Could the PH and alkalinity devour the chlorine? What do I do?


Cloudy water with a PH that I can't get up!

Postby LovelyDove » Sat 27 Jun, 2009 17:13

We have an above ground metal Intex pool. It isn't very big, it holds almost 2000 gallons. At the beginning of the summer, I noticed, at Wal-Mart, that Arm & Hammer had this 12 lb bag of "baking soda". For a pool my size, 10' circular metal frame pool, I should have added 2 lbs. Needless to say, I had a HUGE brain fart and added all 12 was way off!! So, we have had to drain the pool and refill it. My pH and TA are still reading high, therefore we just added 4 quarts, or 1 liter, of liquid muriatic acid. It is actually working!! The pH and TA are coming down! BUT since they were high, it would immediately "eat" my chlorine. My suggestion to you, in order to raise your pH , is to add some baking soda, based on the size of you pool. I will also add the link of a pool calculator website that was very helpful to me.

Good Luck

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