Running my filter

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Running my filter

Postby rconniesue1 » Tue 23 Jun, 2009 14:16

How long should i run my filter on high/low. Trying to cut down on power cost this year. I have a 15,000 gal above ground pool with sand filter.

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Running my filter

Postby Swim Today » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 16:26

No matter how big the pool the rule of thumb is to run the filter 8-10 hours a day on high. In most cases the 8 hours is more then enough if the pool water is clear. If you do have the low speed setting you leave the pump on for 24 hours and let in constantly circulate. Believe it not because the low setting has a significantly less voltage draw then a high setting has, and you will save money on electricity by running a motor for 24 hours on low then on 8 hours on high. Also the constant circulation of water is better too as algae grows in stagnant water and has a hard growing in moving water. Plus there is less wear and tear on the motor as you are not turning it on and off as many times, and with any motor its starting and stopping that produces the most where. Not to mention quieter. I would say you should save about $25 a month on average on electricity using the low setting for 24 hours a day. The only thing you can't do on low speed is vacuum. Save the high speed for that and the high speed is also good to use if you are adding chemicals or have a heater and trying to heat the pool quickly but can turn it back to low when you reach the temp you want.

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