Pump works great on recirculate dies out on filter setting

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Pump works great on recirculate dies out on filter setting

Postby bulletproofpoet » Tue 23 Jun, 2009 20:44

Need some help. I have been an inground pool owner for the last 5 years and have never had the issues I am having this year.
My pool is light green and cloudy. I can not keep pressure when the pump is on filter. When on recirculate the water pressure is excellent forever.
I have tried backwashing over and over. When I do so I get a good 20 minutes of good pressure. I am getting about 17 psi on my gauge.
I personally feel it is somethingg to do with my sand filter since to pump works on all other settings.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Swim Today Pool Service

Pump works great on recirculate dies out on filter setting

Postby Swim Today Pool Service » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 15:32

It sounds likes it may be time to change the sand. When your on recirculate the water is not being passed through the sand but just in and right back out of the head of the filter. You say that the problem goes away for a brief time when you back wash. Everything you describe leads to a conclusion that the sand filter is full and the sand can't filter any more. Even when you back wash only some of the debris comes back out not all of it and eventually the filter will remain clogged. Try replacing the sand inside the filter and that should solve your problem. Also while you have the filter empty be sure to inspect the inside stand pipe and laterals or fingers. It is the main center pipe you will see inside with a bunch of small little ones coming off of it. Make sure there is no cracks clogs or damages to these parts and replace them if there is. It is the sand that filters the water but it is these parts that the water flows through to be filtered and back to the pool. A damaged piece can reduce the water flow and cause sand to be blown into the pool via the returns. Chances are though just a fresh batch of sand should solve the problem.

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