Conserving energy costs

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I'm new here
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Conserving energy costs

Postby m1k2s3 » Tue 23 Jun, 2009 21:04

I have recently had some conflicting information about turning off the filter at night to conserve energy. My last electrical bill was really high and the pump had only been turned on a few days. I have an 75,000 litre inground pool with a Hayward sand filter and Aqua Rite electric chlorine generator.

Someone told me that last year, they only ran their filter and pump during the day and turned it off at night and it made a huge difference to her electrical bill. We have a similar system and so I asked they had any problems with the chlorine level or problems with the water and they said they never had any problems. When I asked one of the staff at the pool place where we purchased the pool what he thought, he said the filter and pump needs to run 24/7, especially with salt water because when you turn off the system, you get salt/chlorine build up.

I've been reading these forums for help over this last year and received some valuable information here so I thought I'd ask the pool experts here what they thought. So my question is can I run my filter for 12 hours every day to save on electricity costs and if I do, will I run into any other problems.

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