Intex 9' x 18' x 52" ultra frame pool set up help request

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Intex 9' x 18' x 52" ultra frame pool set up help request

Postby dani.whipple » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 03:25

Hello to all,
this is my first post.
We recently purchased a Intex 9' x18' x 52" rectangular AG pool.
We have very few places that are possible to put a pool. We live in the mountains of western NC, although we have over 2 acres, it is very hilly & most has been left untouched we wanted to leave the wonderful old trees and mountain laurel since we have a great deal of wildlife.
The spot we chose had a 11" slope over 18 feet That was the most level place on the property. The ground is hard packed crush and run? (large rock and rock dust) we had a heck of a time leveling it and we used aprox. 1 1/2" 0f sand on the pad and surrounded it by more of the gravel packed hard against the pad which is covered with the ground cloth included with the pool. The whole thing is enclosed in a frame of 4" X 6" landscape timbers. We used 15 " x 15" concrete stepping stones or pavers? for the supports. We used a laser level and the ground is no more than 1/4" off anywhere.

The pool is located about 15' from the house ( we do have a basement) and on the other side is a wall of rail road ties, I know the location is less than ideal but the reason we purchased the pool is so that I can exercise to get in better shape to get the best results with up coming surgery to replace both my knees. Since it is in a undesirable local I want to make sure we do everything possible to ensure a problem free set up. We have not yet added water.

Is this arrangement going to be sufficient ? any other tips ? I am nervous since it is amazing to me that this soft sided pool with only metal top rails and legs or supports can hold around 5000 gal of water to begin with.

Oh and I will be the only one other than my husband who will use the pool.

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