cloudy water

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cloudy water

Postby spewjili » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 12:01

Hi Guys...I have a very specific question...should I replace my 2 HP Sta-rite pump motor with a 1 HP or 11/2 HP motor or should I replace my Hayward 900 series cartridge filter with a larger one such as the Hayward 1200?

My pool is 16,000 gallon and my problem is cloudy water. I think I have too strong a pump moor that forces the fine particulate debris right through the new filter but maybe I should keep the 2 HP motor and replace the small Hayward filter 900 with a larger one like the 1200. What do you think?

The water is balanced, the phosphate and nitrate levels are low. The pool clears (settles out) in a couple days if I don't use it or brush or vacuum it.

Thanks for the good advice.


cloudy water

Postby morgan » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 11:01

i also have cloudy water, i have a 1.5 hp pump with a starclear 1200 filter, i think the filter is bypassing as the filters internal seals do not seem to be tight enough...and this is the second element i am on....

do they sell any additional gasketing tomake up for the slack, poor manufacturing of tolerances?

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