Polaris vs Paramount in-floor cleaners

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My Pool: Going to build new pool; trying to determine if Polaris or Paramount in-floor cleaner is the best choice for Austin, Tx area.
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Polaris vs Paramount in-floor cleaners

Postby rconlan » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 16:27


We're planning on building a new pool in the Austin, Tx area. We are receiving mixed signals from pool builders whether to install an automatic in-floor cleaner (like Paramount) or just the robot-like Polaris. Does anyone have advice which is better in this area? Is the Paramount worth the cost? What are the plus and minus of each solution?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you, Ray


Polaris vs Paramount in-floor cleaners

Postby Nate0324 » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 14:27

I've heard nothing but praise about the Paramount 2000 system and had it installed in my pool. Not only will it direct the debris at the bottom of the pool to the main drain, but it will also do this on your stairs, benches, and walls. Other advantages are that is circulates the warm surface water with the cooler water and therefore your pool water is more evenly temperate. It also evenly circulates any chemicals in the pool. The Polaris and other types of cleaners and robots do not have these advantages and are rather slow and bulky. With the Paramount you'll never have to remove any bulky cleaners and you'll use less energy cleaning your pool (physically and electricity-wise) versus being able to just jump in and swim.

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