Clarity Issue in Large Commerical Pool

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Clarity Issue in Large Commerical Pool

Postby Guest » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 18:15

Problem: Cloudy water in deep end, visible granular material on pool bottom stirred up to impact clarity
FC: 5.0+
TC: 5.0+
pH: 7.1
TA: 80
CH: 130
CYA: fluctuates between 30ppm and 40ppm
My pool: beach entry to 6.5ft in deep end, 1,000,000 US Gallons water, vinyl liner, gravity fed
Pool chemicals: chlorine pucks (trichlor), perlite (added by hand), calcium chloride (broadcast by hand), soda ash (slurry fed)
My pump & filter: 40HP pump, DE filtration system (70 filters)
Other info: 65F, bather load is 500-700 on weekdays and 500-1000 on weekends, we currently do not use a vacuum

Any feedback is appreciated!


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Clarity Issue in Large Commerical Pool

Postby chem geek » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 20:58

Do you have floor drain(s) in the deep end that are functional so there is some circulation there?

What kind of water replacement are you doing (number of gallons per day) since using only Trichlor as your source of chlorine would normally raise the CYA level over time. For every 10 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) added by Trichlor, it also increases Cyanuric Acid (CYA) by 6 ppm. What is your daily chlorine usage in ppm FC per day if you know that or in weight of Trichlor per day or number of pucks of some known size or weight per period of time, etc.?

Are you using a turbidity test for CYA? You should be using a better test kit, either the Taylor K-2006 kit you can get at a good online price here or the TF100 kit from here.

Why are you adding perlite?

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