cloudy water

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cloudy water

Postby mama_syta » Sun 04 Jun, 2006 16:07

I'm a new owner of this pool. It had no cover over it all winter and now I'm left to clean it with no experence. I shocked it 2 times and let it sit for a few days with the pump running. My pool got very cloudy so we were told to put chlorine in and it will clear up. So I put a puck in the filter bucket and my pool started clearing so I vacuumed it while I could see. The vacuum was making a funny sound and looked up and the dirt was coming right back in through the jets. I stopped what I was doing and let it be but the next morning it was cloudy again and I was at square 1 again.


Dirty Jet Water!?!?!?

Postby Nick » Thu 15 Jun, 2006 14:23

AHH! :shock: If the water was coming dirty out of the jet, I suggest you check out your filter... I know that my filter used to do nothing so I opened it up (it was a sand filter) and one of the pipes was cracked. So I just bought the inside piece and it works fine now. It might also need to be backwashed? So if it comes out dirty... It's probably something with the filter. Your vacuum was making sounds? or the filter? If it was the filter, try backwashing.

cloudy water

Postby tjkel59 » Sat 17 Jun, 2006 13:27

Anytime you have a lot of sediment and leaves in your pool, it is best to vacuum to waste. MANUALLY vacuum to waste, which means getting in your pool and making sure you can see what you're doing. It will take a couple of hours depending on how dirty your pool is. This way it doesn't run through your filter and screw it all up. Be sure to run your hose with water going into the pool because you will lose the water that is filtering out all the nasty stuff on the bottom and your water running in from your hose will replace the water you are losing. Also, When you are done, make sure you backwash untill the water runs clear, turn the filter on and while running the filter, take the clear lid on your filter,( the one that is small and hard to get on and off, and empty that basket inside there, because it will catch leaves that don't go out manually. Make sure you get the lid back on good and tight. I know it sounds like a lot of hard work, and it is, but it is well worth the effort involved. Shock your pool that night with 2 bags of shock, run the filter all night, and check it out in the morning. At that time, do a stick reading and see what it says you need. If it's needing something, take a sample of your water to the nearest pool place and they wil tell you what you need to put in it so it's crystal clear. Good luck! Kelley Eubanks

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