new liner pulled loose

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new liner pulled loose

Postby dtmz » Thu 25 Jun, 2009 11:30

I had a 30' x52" above ground pool installed by an independent contracter yesterday and it pulled loose and buckled the side while filling last night. He said yesterday that the liner was faulty and he couldn't get all the wrinkles out but wrinkles would be the only problem. We decided we could live with some winkles. Now he says it was long in one direction where the wrinkles are and short in the other which is what caused it to pull the track down and buckle the walls and unless I get a different liner the same thing would happen again. The place where I bought the liner is going to check into it but I believe they will blame the installer.

I need help.



new liner pulled loose

Postby Guest » Tue 30 Jun, 2009 17:09

Wrinkles in your pool liner is totally unacceptable!! Walls buckling is totally unacceptable!! One tip I have for you is dont fill your pool at night, wait until the sun softens your vinyl liner and makes it soft. Another thing that I am wondering about is how much sand was put in your pool? If you dont have enough sand your liner will make your wall buckle as you are filling your pool (especially at night.)

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