Green deep end, but rest of pool is clear

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Green deep end, but rest of pool is clear

Postby greendeepend » Thu 25 Jun, 2009 20:33

Hi everyone, my water in the deep end is green. Last night it was dark green with little to no visibility of the drains, I used 7 quarts of Aqua Treat, and this morning it is light green with some visibility of the drains. The rest of the pool is clear except in the deep end. I know the city has a high iron content in the water, so it is a pain to add granular chlorine as it browns up and clouds the water.

FC 0.12
CC 0.20
CYA 35
Total Alkalinity 275
PH 7.6

I have found it very difficult to keep my free chlorine high. The stabilizer levels are very good, but the chlorine just gets zapped away overnight. I use Trichlor pool sticks in my chlorinator and Calcium Hypochlorite for granular treatment, but I still have an unbelievably low FC level.

The water was cleared up last week after I used a lot of Aqua Treat, but after 4 days it became increasingly greener until today where it's just a pain in the neck.

Any ideas??


Green deep end, but rest of pool is clear

Postby Blazing » Sat 28 Aug, 2010 18:23

Green or cloudy water is always the result of a filtration or a circulation problem. I created a web site to help people for free. It is solvemypoolproblem I have a section on filtration, a section on green or cloudy water and a section on water chemistry. Should your problems still persist, I can be reached at aaw
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Green deep end, but rest of pool is clear

Postby swimfit » Thu 23 Dec, 2010 04:49

The green colour can be for many reasons. One of them can be the algae problem and sometimes the excess or disproportional chemical composition in the water.
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Green deep end, but rest of pool is clear

Postby AboveGroundPoolsGuru » Thu 24 Feb, 2011 05:20

I have to agree with Blazing here. Are you using the right pump for your pool. The flow rate is very important especially when your pool has different levels as the dead algae collects in the non flowing parts of your pool. M<y suggestion is to look at getting anew pool pump or if you can set the flow rate on your exiting pump.

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